Hyperbaric Society of India is a non profit organization founded on Dec 01, 1999 in New Delhi, India.It's purpose is to disseminate knowledge and promote activities about all aspects of Barometric Pressure in relation to the human body. It also aims to provide scientific information to promote and improve Hyperbaric research.

A Registered Charitable Trust dedicated to disseminating Knowledge about Hyperbarics in India.

Hyperbaric Society Of India
102, Tribhuvan Complex,
Ishwar Nagar,
near Okhla railway station,
mathura road,
New Delhi. Pin 110044.India

Phone : 91-11-55689631,
Fax : 91-11-26312631.
(For Calls within Delhi Please replace 8 by 91)
Email : info@hyperbaricindia.com



ARTICLE I - Name of the Organization. The name of the Society shall be Hyperbaric Society of India.

ARTICLE II - The Organization.

The Society shall be national in scope. The permanent and registered office of the society shall be in Delhi and its branches, chapters and other associate Institutions may be opened at different places in India.

The Executive Committee at present consists of three members of which two are permanent founder members. On reaching a figure of 50 members the third member on the Committee will be elected. Further evolution of the Executive Committee will be decided at a general body meeting of the society.

The Registered office of the Society will be located at New Delhi. The Secretariat of the society is positioned at the following address, all activity and correspondence will take place from this office :

C/0 Hyperbaric Society Of India
102, Tribhuvan Complex,
Ishwar Nagar,
near Okhla railway station,
mathura road,
New Delhi. Pin 110044.India


The objective of the society is to disseminate knowledge about Hyperbaric (practice, medical aspects, Engineering, research). Any aspect dealing with the effects of Barometric Pressures in relation to the human body will be promoted. Doctors, physiologists, Engineers and research workers involved in this activity will be invited to participate in the society. Patients treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen, mountaineers pilots and divers who will be exposed to the effects of barometric Pressures may also join the society.

To fulfill the main objective of the society, the specific aims of this society will be:

  1. To establish a society in India that will use a multidisciplinary approach and create a common platform for interaction between doctors ( civil and military ) practicing barometric pressure medicine , doctors who are interested in this field , doctors practicing in fields of medicine whose patients are likely to benefit from hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy , physiologists carrying out research in the effects of Barometric pressure , engineers who are manufacturing equipment for use in hyperbaric medicine. Occupations or hobbies (mountaineers, divers, pilots) wherein individuals who are routinely exposed to changes in barometric pressures will also be invited to participate in the activities of the society. Patients or families of patients who have used Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will also be permitted membership.

  2. To disseminate knowledge about Hyperbaric medicine to the medical community by means of lectures, seminars and publications and to the general public by magazine articles, public lectures and distribution of literature.

  3. To establish guidelines for the practice of Hyperbaric Medicine in India and promote unified practice all over the country.

  4. To establish unified research directions in India for Hyperbaric Medicine and to conduct and promote research along strict ethical and scientific guidelines.

  5. To encourage sponsored research at the Hyperbaric centers and to raise funds for such research activity.

  6. To establish centers for the treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy along the guidelines of the society.

  7. To advise governmental and non governmental agencies in matters of public health and safety norms as they relate to hyperbaric medicine practice.

  8. To promote training of Indian Physicians and paramedics with interest in this field of Hyperbaric Medicine.

  9. To organize understanding between centers practicing Hyperbaric medicine and establish safety guidelines for practice.

  10. To have at least one annual conference for participation of all members and other meetings on as and when required to address any specific issue which may come up.

  11. To get affiliation and or seek cooperation from other similar societies and to enter into arrangements which would promote the interests of the society.

  12. The trust has been registered with the Director Of Income Tax ( exemption ) and is recognized as a charitable trust . The trust has also been granted 80 ( G ) exemption which enables donates to the society to claim IT exemption for donations.

Note : All the income , earnings - movable / immovable properties of the society shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of the aims and objects only as set forth in the memorandum of Association and no profit on thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends / bonus/profits or in any manner whatsoever to the present or past members of the society or any person claiming through or more of the present and past members . No member of the society shall have any personal claim on any movable properties of the society or make any profits, whatsoever by virtue of his membership.


There shall be the following classes of membership in the Society:

  1. Regular Members : Regular members of the Society shall be individuals who have demonstrated by their activities and professional contributions a clear interest in the development of Hyperbaric therapy in India. Minimum requirement for regular members is a recognised degree in medical , engineering or life sciences . Applicants must be sponsored by a existing regular member in good standing.

  2. Life Members : Any active regular member of the Society may elect to become a Life Member upon payment of the life membership dues as set by the Executive Committee.

  3. Associate Members : Hyperbaric technicians, diving supervisors or other hyperbaric / diving personnel with specialized technical or research backgrounds, but who do not possess the academic background for Regular membership, can become Associate members of the Society . Mountaineers , divers , paramedics, patients treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen , tour operators or any one with interest in Hyperbarics and Pressure and the human body may take up this form of membership.

  4. Student Members : Students registered at a University or educational institution in a medical, life sciences or human factors discipline may become Student Members of the Society for as long as they maintain their student status. In addition to being sponsored by a Regular Member in good standing, students must also complete provide a recommendation from a faculty member. Student membership in the Society shall be conferred upon payment of one year's annual dues to the Society.

  5. Institutional members : Institutions actively involved with the practice or research in any aspect of Barometric Pressure will be eligible for membership in this category . The institutional member will be entitled to nominate one member for the Annual scientific meeting and will have voting rights.

  6. Corporate Members : The Executive committee shall have the power to admit as Corporate Members those companies, associations, foundations, or partnerships contributing an amount prescribed by the Executive committee, which also the power to change the amount specified for minimum contribution. These members shall be Non-voting members unless they fulfil the requirements for regular membership. By virtue of their contributions they would be allowed to promote their company on suitable platforms of the society.

The Applicant for any membership shall submit an application on the prescribed form. The application form should be signed by a sponsor who is a member in good standing. The application shall be sent to the Administrative office of the Society.


Journal : The Society will publish a Journal called "The Hyperbaric Express". The frequency of publication will initially be Quarterly. This is likely to be changed to monthly with more widespread proliferation of Hyperbaric.

Annual Scientific Meeting : A Annual Scientific Meeting will be held in different parts of India on rotation basis and the members are encouraged to submit papers during the meeting.

Workshops : Each year, with financial support from commercial companies, similar societies and foundations, working sessions will be sponsored by the Hyperbaric Society of India. At these Workshops, experts in particular medical specialties will be brought together for review, deliberation and decisions concerning various aspects of Hyperbaric Medicine.